Wipe Your Kartush off the Face of the Earth

Why allow some one else to ruin your life?
The Egyptians have a wonderful saying;
They tell a person they will
Wipe Your Kartush off The Face of The Earth
Often people hold on to pain,
saying he or she did this to me.
I am suffering because of what
another person has done.

The beauty of life is that we all have 
a free will - we might have to 
adjust to others around us but 
essentially we do have the right to 
decide how we are going to react.

How much power we are going to
allow a person to have over us.
Yes you may have had a rough ride
through life - but the seas won't get
any better unless you do something!

So take a lesson from the Egyptians 
and wipe the Kartush of the person 
to whom you bear a grudge 
off the face of the earth.

Let yourself be free of bitterness,
If something no longer exists in your eyes
then it can't hurt or upset you.
Priests of Ra

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