Do you really know?

How much of a person
do we ever get to know?

Only what they allow us to see.

Many of us float along in the sun,
trying not to make waves concealing
that there is more than meets the eye.
Almost like the tip of an iceberg.

We see the part of that person that
comes to life when you are together.
Most of it remains submerged under
the layers of the subconscious.
With only fragments showing above.

We may never really get to know who
a person is under the surface.
What heartache they are dealing with.
What really makes them truly happy.

There are times when people we think
we know act completely out of character.
It is said still waters run deep and people
can’t always keep their feelings hidden.

Each one of us holds the seeds of good and evil,
we don’t always give life to these emotions,
deep down they are there and they can surface.
Be lenient with those you hold dear,
they may be dealing with far more
than you could imagine.

Let’s Live


Rita said...

Excellent writing, Ally. Your insight is profound. Thank you for sharing. Hugs and blessings to you. Rita

Ally said...

Big smiles Rita thank you
that was my very first comment
on here - you have made my week