Life is too short ..

Life is too short to be little
.Shine out and let the world know
How much you have to show
Never let another tread on your flame
Let it glow!

Why is it most of us can love others
far more than we can love ourselves?
We get hurt and upset by things
that other people do and say,
giving them power over how we feel,
letting another person’s judgement
cloud the way we feel about ourselves.

Life is too brief for hate and revenge.
Life is too swift for bitter thoughts or words.
Life is too great for petty things.
Life is too short to be little.

What quality of life do you want for yourself?
Do you know the way you see the world
Is a reflection of yourself?
That if you really want to be happy it
All begins with self love and acceptance.

We can consciously choose the thoughts
that fill our minds, our hearts, our lives.
Thoughts require attention and energy
Fill each day and each hour with
happy thoughts, happy memories.
The troublesome, pain-filled thoughts
will then wither and die of neglect.
After we let go hurt we make way
for happiness,
The bitterness is replaced by warmth.
Forgiveness does not change the past,
but it does open the path to the future.
We hold the key to our own future
Which door will you unlock the door
to happiness and forfilment
or the door to emptiness and a hollow life?

Let's Live

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