Select your Priorities Carefully

Do you know what is important to you?

I suppose you might have imagined I would be talking about how to prioritize by putting everything in order... that is how you prioritize you might be saying .. yes it is true 
but in today's world where we have everything flying at us at once it is often easy to over look what is really important to us because we are juggling with getting everything done.

This week take time to think about what is truly important to you and set aside some uninterrupted time where you can give yourself 100% to what is dear to you. 
If it involves some one else you may have to schedule a time that suites you both, what ever it is promise yourself that you will give it your undivided attention.

We often have nagging little reminders that irritate us by reminding us that we are over looking something important, and we think we will leave it to another day, it isn't that important anyway it is just something I want for myself .. those irritations won't go away until they are seen too, even if it is just something you want for yourself you are not being selfish in giving it to you, after all you may be the only person who knows about it or can give it to you.

You will find after focusing on the one thing that is most important to you that you create a domino effect and everything else will follow in order. We can not keep juggling balls in the air all the time, wouldn't it be better to concentrate on what we can achieve rather than letting multiple things keep flying at us?

Accept into your sphere of responsibility only the things which you know you can deal with. There is so much to get done  and we can let it all keep marching around us, making us waste time worrying and half heartedly attempting everything or we can stop and take one thing at a time, giving it our full attention and knowing we have done well.

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Let's Live

What is on your plate?

What is on your plate?

The trick to living a happy life is to make sure your plate is well balanced.
Does it all fit on,  is there space around the edges for personal time? Or is your plate over flowing with no space to cut your meat?
Visualise your life on a plate, see where things fit in? Is it over crowded? Could you do with a second plate? Well not all of us are lucky enough to have this option the trick is learning how to handle what is served to you. Do not accept too much at once, learn how to say “No!” you can always go for second helpings later.
We often try to please every one and this is seldom possible. Learn to take life in bite size chunks, no point in stuffing it all in at once, you will lose out on the taste of those precious moments and end up with a sore stomach.  If you find you have too much on your plate, delegate to those who might be able to help you, never be afraid to pass on the things you can not handle to some one who could do it and perhaps even enjoy doing it for you. Think of how you feel when you know you are needed and pass this privilege on.
Be aware of what you are adding to your plate, take on only the things you know you are capable of and do not over load yourself. Add variety as this will bring you joy and energy, if there is something on some one elses plate that you might enjoy offer to help them with it, you might even make an exchange, say “I can help you with that if you can help me with this.” Remember we don’t all like the same things and finding a friend who likes the salty when you prefer the sweet is always an added bonus.
A well balanced plate of life should allow for lots of colour, try to balance work life and personal life. Make space for the things you enjoy as well as the things you have to do. Try not to procrastinate, tackle the things that come to you as they come. Putting important things to one side only makes them go cold and stale and then when you need to do them they can be very stressful.
This week let us start by drawing our plate of life, and seeing where everything fits in, what has priority and what should be left out, what might you like to add to your plate?

The key to the plate of life is everything in moderation, 
savor the moments, 
you can only eat them once….

Let's Live
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Peaceful Reiki Healing

The power of a single thought!

The priorities in our lives should always be centered around self healing, self balance and self power.

Create your own life path by making choices YOU want to explore.
Combine the power of your mental energy your physical strength and your spiritual beauty in order to create a better way of living!
By creating harmony within ourselves our lives become more balanced and we are better adjusted to dealing with what life hands us. By having a clear idea of who we are and what we want out of life we are able to prepare ourselves to make the most out of our opportunities.
Everything in life begins with a single thought. Each thought we think goes one step further to building our futures, we attract what we think about.
If we are seeking balance in our lives we need to guard our thoughts, they form our every action, our every word, our every habit.
We have about 60,000 thoughts each day. Do you realize the power those thoughts can have?
How much good could you generate in your life with 60,000 daily thoughts?
How much destruction could you unleash upon your life with 60,000 daily thoughts?
Positive thinking makes for a positive mindset, positive habits, and positive rewards.
Negative thinking makes for a negative mindset, negative habits, and negative losses.
The good news is that we CAN change the way we think. Not sure you can? Well have a go at this..
Clear your mind for a second. Now think of a beautiful butterfly. Imagine it fluttering around freely, see it's natural beauty and smile...
Can you see the butterfly?
Now think about something that really annoys you..
Ooops I think we lost the butterfly....
“It takes but one positive thought when given a chance to survive and thrive to overpower an entire army of negative thoughts.” -Robert H. Schuller
This exercise is proof positive that you can push one thought aside for another thought. I’d rather think about the butterfly but we become so used to seeing the negatives instead of the positives that it takes some practice to replace negative thoughts with positive ones.–but if we put a little concentrated effort into it we can turn the tables so it becomes easier to think of the positives.
Truth be told, it’d be better to think about the rose than it would be to think negative thoughts – so, when a negative, destructive, critical thought pops into your mind, replace it automatically with the butterfly (or anything beautiful you chose). Then, move on to a more positive thought pattern.

Remember, the more time you spend with a negative thought, the greater its power is to harm you. Take this power and make it work for you! Think positive thoughts and repeat positive affirmations.
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You never walk alone

Give yourself a fresh Start...

How often we wish for another chance to make a fresh begining.
A chance to blot out our mistakes and change failure into winning.
It does not take a special time to make a brand new start.
It only takes the deep desire to try with all our heart.
To live a little better, to always be forgiving.
To add a little sunshine in a world for which we’re living.
Never give up in despair nor think you are through.
For there’s always a tomorrow,
A chance to start a new.

As we walk along the path of life, having considered our potential and accomplishments, thought about the things we would like to do and become present in this very moment. Let us take another step one which might be quite foreign to you, step up and acknowledge yourself. Get to know who you really are. Learn what it is that makes you laugh, and what it is that makes you sad. Make opportunities to experience more of ups and learn to let go of the downs. So often we look for validation in other people when we should be finding it within ourselves. It seems pointless to do something if other people are not benefiting or we do not stand to be acknowledged for what we have done.

Do you realize that no other person should be as important to yourself as you should be? Think of the oxygen mask in a plane. they tell you to put your own on before helping others! This is because if you don’t look after yourself first you may not be able to look after others. At the end of the day we are accountable only for our own actions. Are you willing to play to another’s whims and let them tell you what to do when they may not be there forever? People come and go through out our lives, and when they move on they will not look back and say she / he sacrificed their lives for me. They may never know just how much you gave up to help them. 

It is imperative that you understand how precious you are and learn to take care of you.  Today I would like you to write a letter to yourself. Write it as if you are writing to a very dear friend, one you truly care about. Let them know you are proud of them, tell them what you are looking forward to seeing them do. Put as much detail as you can into this letter, write about your concerns for your dearest friend, are there health issues? Family troubles? Is something coming up in the near future of  life importance?  Console your friend and let them know that there are answers and they will soon be found.

Once you have written your letter put it away somewhere safe where you will be able to find it so you can refer to it when ever you need a boost, this letter is coming from your inner self, The self that seeks only the best for you.
Let’s Live.

The beauty of Life

The art of active patience

As we step on to the road of a new and revitalised you we need to learn the art of active patience. 
Active patience is not sitting on the side lines waiting for something to happen. It is being aware of what is going on, accessing where you are now and preparing a way forward. It is grounding yourself in the present. Letting go of the past and looking forward to the future. 

You will begin to realise that it is now time to step forwards, your energy will increase with renewed interest in life. With enthusiasm you will begin to plan the things you have been putting off or to realise that you have been wasting your time hoping for something to happen which will not be possible. What ever it is that is going through your mind now as you read this, write them down. Write down the dreams that give you a sparkle in your eye and the ones that make your heart ache, some things no matter how dearly we want them to happen will not and it is sad to waste your time hankering after what will not be. 

As the days pass we will be bringing our hearts, minds and souls on to the same wave length, united within us it will propell us on to achieve what has previously escaped our reach. We will begin to love and accept ourselves as we truly are, let go of past grievances and become the people we would really like to be. Capable of anything you put your mind to, we all know that we attract what we think about so let go of the little things that hold you back. When thoughts of insecurity and doubt raise their heads, acknowledge them and say "It is ok i can work through this, there is an answer to everything.. lets see what I can do about this.

Through out the day, stop every now and then to be in the moment. Allow yourself to feel at peace, knowing things take time, things done in haste are not always the best things to do. Racing around panicking, worrying about things and being disorganised are the worst thieves of time.

Allow patience to wash over you, when you feel some one is being too slow, step back and say it is ok .. it will be done.

Wishing you all the patience you need to allow life to flow freely...
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You have inner strength Courage Wisdom Faith and Hope.

You have inner strength

Faith and

Use your gifts to your advantage and do not let them rot away.
Each day, we are given new opportunities, Chances come that we can choose to take or to ignore. Sometimes it is an intuition that there is something we need to be doing. It is easy to just put things off, to believe tomorrow is a better day, but the truth is tomorrow might be too late.  There are situations, when we find ourselves trapped, not knowing where to turn or what to do. The frustration of losing control of our lives. You may feel like life is meaningless, and happiness is no longer an option. Life is meaningless unless you can love, be happy and bring your happiness to others. As we walk this path my wish for you is that your self confidence grows and you treasure each little experience that comes your way.  May your eyes be open to all that is good in this world and may we send love and light to those who anger or upset us .May you begin to understand your capacity of inner strength, Courage, Wisdom, Faith and Hope.
Reflect on the things you have accomplished, is there anything you could be doing that would make use of your blessings in a more fulfilling way?  Write them down and give them a time in which you will do them. It is important to put a time to this or it will keep slipping away into the future as something better left till another day.

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