From small things - Big things come

Let us consider a flower seed, 
a tiny thing,
and yet it holds so much potential.

When we plant a seed,
we wait in anticipation
for what it will become,
we do not criticize it for
taking to long.

Each day we love and care for it,
eagerly watching for the first sign
of a green shoot.

When it does we do not sneer at it
for being immature and insignificant.
We celebrate it’s attempts at trying.

When the buds appear,
we do not force them to open
but allow them to take their own time.
Watching in awe as they
blossom in the fullness of time.

Each one of us holds the
seeds of success and happiness.
We need to allow our seeds to grow,
To be patient with ourselves,
going at our own pace.

Acknowledging our achievements
and bring our potential into reality.
Vision Cards, Affirmations with Elements of Nature

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