Final Wishes

This week I would like to talk about something of a more sombre nature, the prospect of what happens when we pass on? The thought of how you would like to be treated, do you have a Living Will? Will you be cremated or buried? And that of making a Will to ensure what you leave behind goes where you would like it to, that anyone who relies on you is looked after, including your pets.
Many of us are happy to go along our daily lives and not worry about what might happen tomorrow. We are young, at times we think we don’t have anything to leave behind, but we all do even if it is just a book, or something trivial that may mean a lot to us but others might not value it.
Letting people know what your wishes are should you pass on also takes the stress away from family when deciding between a burial or cremation and in the case of a cremation what you would like done with your ashes.
Making a Will should be a priority for all of us. The majority of people who die go without writing a will, this leaves everything in the hands of the government, and the loved ones not knowing what to do.
Nobody expects to go at the same time as their loved ones. When my foster parents died, they were killed in a car accident, each one had written a will, leaving everything they owned to each other respectively. The government sealed the house and it was a nightmare trying to get anything back, even my own personal belongings that were in the house. You worked hard for what you have and you should choose who to pass them on to. I would suggest having a second person you can name in case this scenario ever occurs.
A will it is a legal document and therefore should be checked by a solicitor, depending where you are a solicitors verification is not necessary to legalise a will but is does give peace of mind.

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