Can't died long ago

Can't died long ago from pushing a wheelbarrow
Ever heard of Charles Blondin, he was a nineteenth-century French daredevil. Blondin’s most famous trick was crossing Niagara Falls on a tightrope. He did so repeatedly, with many variations—carrying different objects, or pushing a wheelbarrow.
The story goes that one day a crowd watched Blondin cross the tightrope pushing a wheelbarrow. When they roared their applause and approval, the tightrope walker roared back at the crowd,
“Do you believe I can do it again?”
“YES!” shouted the crowd.
“Do you believe I could walk this tightrope with a man sitting in the wheelbarrow?” Blondin challenged, and again the crowed roared in agreement.
“Then who will volunteer to come ride in the wheelbarrow?” Blondin shouted back.
The silence was deafening. No one wanted to step forward to be the one who sat in the wheelbarrow. They were all willing to believe he could do it, but to take belief one step farther—to trust Blondin enough to be the one to sit in the wheelbarrow, balanced on that taut rope far above all those gushing torrents of water—no, nobody in the crowd that day had that kind of trust.
There is a big difference in saying you trust some one and really putting your faith in them.It is like giving a person an empty glass when they are thirsty.
If you believe in something put all your faith into it and then you will have the ability to make it happen.
Trust with no faith can be just as damaging as not trusting at all...

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