What does tomorrow hold?

What will tomorrow bring?
Tomorrow is an unopened box,
It might hold fantastic surprises
Or unwanted gifts but  they are yours.
How you respond and learn from them
Will help shape each new box of tomorrow.
Here is wishing all your tomorrow’s boxes
are filled with only the very best.

Sometimes we wish we had a crystal ball and we could know, what we do know is that change is constantly happening. It is the one thing you can bank on – nothing stays the same – everything is evolving and changing.  
There are some things that are predictable, night follows day and comes back round again. The tide ebbs and flows with the waxing and waning of the moon. The seasons follow each other throughout  the year. Nature has settled into a comfortable pattern of time but even nature can be thrown.
That there will be change is a foregone conclusion,  we need to be ready for what these changes may bring. Not easy when changes often spring out of nowhere especially when we have settled happily into a placid and content way of life. We can choose to go with the changes or fight them. Ultimately we will have to adapt to whatever life brings and it is much easier if you have thought about the possibilites and have a few back up plans.
Allow yourself to think outside the box, be flexible things seldom turn out exactly as we plan them to. Learn to be realistic, your attitude can shape your future but it has to fit in with the greater scheme of things.
Replace thinking about what you can get out of a situation with what you have to offer, if you are an active player you will have more sway in a situation than if you are just a bystander. You may not have complete control but you will certainly have influence.
Taking responsibility for the way things turn out requires confidence, become centered, consider the situation now and think about how you would like it to be. Make plans to get where you want to be and include the people who can help you get there no one is an island and tomorrows are so much easier and more fun when they are shared.

Let's Live

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