Little acts of kindness

How beautiful a day is when kindness touches it.
Spread your wings and be the butterfly that starts
the ripples of healing love and happiness...
When we take care of our own needs
the amount of love and care we have to share
is multiplied, it all begins from within.

Let's Live

When someone points a finger at you

When someone points a finger at you 
there are three pointing back at them.
 Do not let the insecurities of others
define who you are meant to be.
Allow your heart to lead the way
Do not let others lead you astray.
Take courage and believe in yourself
Deep down inside of you
 You know what is right for you.

Let's Live

The shades of your heart - a promise to make yourself

To have a friend you need to be a friend
The love we find is a reflection of our hearts
Let your love light shine passionately
When we are down that is when we need 
The light of our friends to light up our world
When your flame is flickering remember
There are others whose flames may also be
So brighten up and allow love to be your guide

I will love anyway.
Do good anyway.
Be honest anyway.
Accept anyway.
Forgive anyway. 
Be kind anyway.
Be the best I can anyway.

I will face the worst in the world
With the best that I have;
Just because I can!

Let's Live