Allow yourself the freedom to be you

Allow yourself the freedom to be you
Break free from the chains that bind you
and follow your heart.
It is not selfish to want the best for yourself
and only you can know what is best for you.

Often we live our lives to please others,
forgetting that our own happiness comes from within.
You can not make another person happy
It is their choice to decide what path to take in life.

Your happiness comes from knowing you did
your very best at trying to do what was right.
Do not berate yourself when things go wrong
as they often do, but think of the times when they do.

It is easier to remember our failings and insecurities
than it is to praise ourselves for the good things we have done.
Treat yourself with love and respect and allow yourself
the freedom and support you would wish on your best friend.

Let's Live

The only limits we have are..

The only limits we have are
the limits we set ourselves.

Your perfect day..
what would it be like 

to live your perfect day?
A day becomes a week,
a week becomes a month
and so it adds up to years.

Are you happy living 

the life you are living?
If the answer is no...

what would you do to change your life?
It took all your life to be where you are today
to be where you want to be will take some time
but with little steps and self belief
you can live the life you want to live.

Let's Live