Friends make Life Worth Living

Let me tell you a story about two ordinary looking  horses, that live in a field not far away. There is something special about these horses, if you stop and take a look at them you will see one wears a bridle and the other doesn't. If you listen you will hear the sound of a bell it is attached to the horse with the bridle.
If you look carefully you will notice the horse without a bridle is blind. 
The bell is so the blind horse can tell where his friend is and stay close to him.
Stay and watch a while and you will see how the seeing horse always keeps a look out for his friend and when he wanders too far off the seeing horse shivers to ring his bell and call his blind friend closer.
In turn the blind horse always has his ears cocked 
listening for his friend's bell.

 Sometimes we are the blind horse 
Being guided by the little ringing bell of those 
Who have been placed in our lives. 
Other times we are the guide horse, 
Helping others to find their way. 
Good friends are like this.
You may not always see them but you know 
They are always there, especially in times of need.
Listen for my bell and I will listen for yours.

Let's Live

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