Set your sights and follow your heart.

Set your sights
on your dreams
and give them wings.

Dreams can lie dormant for a long time
It is only when we give them wings
that they become a possibility.

For a dream to become a reality we need to work towards it.
To focus on  them  and put our energies into making them happen.
When we reach obstacles we need to overcome them,
No one ever said life was going to be easy,
we need to learn to take the bumps and ride them through.
Use things that bring us down as a launching pad for the next move.

Just as an eagle watch’s from above,
consider your plans from a distance,
calculating the risks and planning ahead.
Should a friend offer a helping hand
accept it, helping angels come in the
form of friends.

A vision shared becomes stronger.
The stronger a vision the sooner it
Can become a reality.

The Bald Eagle (Welcome Books)

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