Four Words to get you through anything.

There are times in our lives when we are ready to give up, we feel like our hands are tied and there is no way forwards. 

Let me share a story with you.

In days gone by there lived a King who wished to find the one phrase to get him through all lives difficult situations. This king gathered all his wise menand counsellors together and set them the task to go out into the world in search of the phrase to;
“Get him through all life’s situations!”
Go out into the world he told them, search high and low, spare no expense, consult all the wise men you can find, but do not come back until you can find the one phrase to help me cope with anything.
Whether I am on top of the world or in the pits, find that statement. I don’t want to learn long and complicated philosophies. I want one simple statement. Find it or write it; I don’t care, just bring me the statement.”
The men all left, thinking this was the most difficult thing the King could have ever asked them to do, how could one phrase replace all the wise words that are written? After all we all know there are different ways of handling things and surely there could not be one phrase to replace all of them.
Then after many long days and nights of searching for the answers the wise men returned to their king and presented him with a scroll.
The King unravelled the scroll and on it 
four words were written

That was it. The wise men explained. When you are on top of the world, that is but a fleeting moment, things change, always remember, this too shall pass. When you are in the pits, all nights are followed by day, at your lowest moments remember also, this too shall pass.
When ever you are faced with a difficult situation 
remember these words.

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