The evolution of belief

We live in a world that is dominated by rationality 
at the expense of our intuition.
The meaning of life seems to have been stripped away,
leaving us naked of meaningful validation.

Thousands of years ago humanity worshipped mother nature,
we had a sense of purpose and connectedness.
Gradually the more rational side developed but then it took control,
rationalising took the place of intuition, m
ore and more the bellowing voice of reason, 
common sense and rationality drowned out feelings and intuition.

Primitive notions such as magic were ridiculed and cast aside.
External authority took precidence and the world became ruled
by religions, the Goddess was dethroned and 
God became the father figure in the sky, fearsome - "thou shalt fear thy God" critical "The Ten commandments"punishing - The plagues.And above all separate from us not of this earth but controlling.

Spirituality was replaced by religious dogma - with separate creeds and faiths vying with each other in the name of "God"giving way to hatred and war. Each claiming that theirs was the one and only true faith.

Then the scientists came along to dislodge faith in "GOD".What could not be seen, touched, tasted, measured or repeated in sterile laboratories did not exist - and spirit does not follow any of these rules.

The world became over shadowed by doubt, seperateness, the physical world became the only acceptable reality. According to science life on earth was a random accident, a chemical cauldron mindlessly hubbled and bubbled together to create life.Humanity was nothing more than a biochemical goulash and there was scientific evidence to prove it.

Obediently, like sheep, humanity learnt to seperate matter from spirit, and some even abandoned spirit completely. Our inner gentle loving voice of spirit was dismissed as mere fancy and imagination.The unseen realities were no longer acceptable, they were relegated to myth, fairytales and madness.

The Goddess was left behind as a distant memory. The masculine God now ruled, sperate from us - this perpetuated the divisions and the seperatenessthat has destroyed the world today. Feeling seperate led to fear, and fear led to suffering, exploitation and abuse.

All because the world was no longer united but seperated - we were no longer one but apart, seperated by conflicting beliefs we became a world out of balance, a world that over uses rationality at the expense of our intuition.
We have lost sight of the fact that we are all interconnected, that we are all individuals but not seperate.

No man is an Island we all have an affect on the world we live in.
We are all affected by the current global crisis that we are living in
but how many of us feel we are capable of doing anything about it?

Would we even know what to do?

Let us start by reconnecting with our intuition
realising that every action starts with a thought.


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