Select your Priorities Carefully

Do you know what is important to you?

I suppose you might have imagined I would be talking about how to prioritize by putting everything in order... that is how you prioritize you might be saying .. yes it is true 
but in today's world where we have everything flying at us at once it is often easy to over look what is really important to us because we are juggling with getting everything done.

This week take time to think about what is truly important to you and set aside some uninterrupted time where you can give yourself 100% to what is dear to you. 
If it involves some one else you may have to schedule a time that suites you both, what ever it is promise yourself that you will give it your undivided attention.

We often have nagging little reminders that irritate us by reminding us that we are over looking something important, and we think we will leave it to another day, it isn't that important anyway it is just something I want for myself .. those irritations won't go away until they are seen too, even if it is just something you want for yourself you are not being selfish in giving it to you, after all you may be the only person who knows about it or can give it to you.

You will find after focusing on the one thing that is most important to you that you create a domino effect and everything else will follow in order. We can not keep juggling balls in the air all the time, wouldn't it be better to concentrate on what we can achieve rather than letting multiple things keep flying at us?

Accept into your sphere of responsibility only the things which you know you can deal with. There is so much to get done  and we can let it all keep marching around us, making us waste time worrying and half heartedly attempting everything or we can stop and take one thing at a time, giving it our full attention and knowing we have done well.

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