Heart Ripples..

Your own self-realization is the greatest gift you can offer anyone.
The ability to know yourself and act on the intuition of your own heart.
Become mindful of life, come alive and follow your heart.
Do not worry about what others need until you have found peace within.
Caring and being mindful are two different things,
we can think we care and do the right thing but unless we become mindful
of our thoughts and words it is as if we are living in the dark.
What we do and think is limited by what we fail to notice,
so often we are quick to make a decision without knowing the full story.
So let us take life one step at a time, with love and consideration
for ourselves and others.

Be slow to judge, and be mindful of the world around us.
Considerate of others thoughts and feelings,
let us follow our hearts and send out ripples of love.

Let's Live...

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