Lifting the Cloud of depression

Coping with depression can be very difficult. The stigma attached to depression is such that people would rather not speak about the way that they feel in case they are judged for it.

Depression grows unless you make a conscious effort to control it and can wreak havoc in a person’s life. Depression has different effects on different people, some become closed off from everything around them others become very compulsive in order to try and restore a natural balance in their life.
Depression affects the mind and the body and can manifest in different illnesses. Generally depression can be traced back to a root cause. It can be an event or combination of events in your life that have caused you to feel depressed, depression has a cellular memory that needs to be handled carefully or it could result at it’s worst in suicide attempts or other serious actions that the person would not do if they had not been in this depressed state.
If you find yourself in a depressed state there are actions you can take to try and alleviate the depression. Let me stress here sometimes it is better to seek medical advice if you cannot lift the cloud by yourself do not worry about the stigma attached to depression rather think of your improved state of mind.
To begin with I would ask how much water do you drink each day? It is amazing how we wash our clothes and yet allow our bodies to become clogged with negativity and do not drink enough water to flush out the residues. Fill your world with colour, open the windows, spend time outside, meditate, connect to your inner being. There is no instant cure and it takes a lot of determination and a decision on your own to chase the blues away.
To discover the cause of why you feel the way you feel I would suggest writing a letter to yourself as if you are writing to a close friend about how concerned you feel and how you understand what you have been through, you can write as much as you like or as little. Remember this is a letter you are writing to yourself, no one else ever needs to see it. Be completely honest with yourself, forgive yourself for anything that you feel you need to, be very caring and attentive. Once you have completely written all that you feel you can then in a safe environment, where you will not set off any smoke alarms release all the feelings you have written by burning the letter and as you burn it consciously let go of all your tensions.
Once you have released all the negative tension you need to start filling your life with positive thoughts and healing energies. Concentrate on the things you have to be grateful for, from the smallest to the biggest thing, as it all matters! Then write down the things you wish to do that day. Repeat this exercise every day for a two week time period and see how each day improves in your healing.
Concentrate on sending love and healing out to the world around you , depression can make you feel very lonely, but believe me you are not alone here many people are depressed they have all learnt to hide the feelings well. You do not have to approach people and say you are depressed let's do something about it. Doing this often sends the person deeper into their depressed state, rather send them love and light in your thoughts, try to avoid feeling pity or sadness for another person as this not only makes you sad but also sends out negative vibes, the thoughts you need to be thinking should be thoughts of love and encouragement.
Even if you only work on this one simple exercise alone your energy will respond in a more positive manner and your depression will lessen its strength on you overtime.
I can also suggest repeating the Four Phrases that could heal the world daily, remember you are a very precious unique person and you deserve to treat yourself as the very best friend you could ever have. This will shift your mindset, your emotions, your physical body energy, into a positive light and will energise you and bring light into your life.

Let's Live

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