“Open this in the event of my death.”

The Most Important Letter You will Ever write...

When all is said and done and we answer that final call we leave a hole in the hearts of those who love us. 
Few of us actually expect our moment to come as soon as  it does

... are you ready?

Write that Will Today!

Yes writing a Will is very important no matter how old you are, my son has had a Written Will since he became a teenager. There is a more important letter even than your last Will... it is a personal letter, one to let the people in your life know how much they meant to you.

When someone we love dies, we often wish we could tell them that we love them just one more time. That last conversation, one of closure that few of us ever get the chance to have.

Now turn the tables. You have the power and the opportunity to comfort your loved ones and ease their grief when death comes calling for you.
 How? Write a letter now and label it
“Open this in the event of my death.”
Imagine your loved one opening and reading your letter after your passing. The gratitude, love and peace of mind your letter will give them is more valuable than any will can offer. Your letter can be as long or as short as you’d like; even a few sentences can have an enormous impact. Write from your heart, like you were speaking to them directly. There is no greater gift you can leave to those you love.

Let's Live

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