Let your Weaknesses remind you of your Strengths

Are you some one who sees the glass as half empty or half full?
At the end of the day what thoughts occupy your mind?
Do you congratulate yourself on a job well done,
or do you cringe over the little things you did wrong?

We would not appreciate the light if we did not know the darkness.
Yes there are times when the bad really does seem to over shadow the good.
Stop for a moment and think about the lessons learnt 
the opportunities you have to make tomorrow a better day.
If we continue doing things the way we always have we can not
expect them to improve but we shouldn't be surprised
if they do the opposite.

Living in a humdrum life where we feel nothing ever changes
it can be tempting to just accept our lot, to acquiesce without a fight.
When you are really feeling down like nothing can get any worse,
then is the time to get off the bus, step back and rethink things.
Do not cower from challenges work through them, do something about 
the things that seem to stand in your way, use them to your advantage.

Feel the strength and energy return as you do what must be done,
feel the weight fall off your shoulders as you look back at a  job well done!
With each accomplishment feel yourself grow stronger,
acknowledge yourself for the things you have done.
Use each step as a reminder of what a difference you can make.
Lets decide to start making a difference today!

Let's Live 

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