Each of us has a story that might break another's heart.

"Each of us has a story that might break another's heart.
Despite the grief and the unfairness of it all; we keep going.
There are people who need our care. A life to be led.
Love creates a tremendous capacity for grace.
Perhaps it is the grace that keeps us moving along."

We all come here and interact together on facebook,
we get glimpses of the people who become our very dear friends.
Yet seldom do we ever get a chance to really get to know each other.

Even in our everyday life with the people who sharing our daily routine,
they too seldom know what is going on in our lives.
Today I woke up thinking some of the Africans who live in tin shacks in Soweto (South Africa)

 and drive BMW and dress like I have never been able to afford to.
Their houses are not the best but the side they show is what they are judged on -

 they may never take any one home..

 so it does not matter what their house looks like. 

They put their money into what will give the best impression.

We only show people the side we wish to show them,
there is so much we keep hidden deep inside,
the thoughts and feelings that make us who we really are.
In today's world where there is so much discord and unheaval
stop a while before you react to things that don't seem quite right.
You never know what that person is dealing with in their own
lives even if you see and talk to them on a daily basis.

Let's Live

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