You have inner strength Courage Wisdom Faith and Hope.

You have inner strength

Faith and

Use your gifts to your advantage and do not let them rot away.
Each day, we are given new opportunities, Chances come that we can choose to take or to ignore. Sometimes it is an intuition that there is something we need to be doing. It is easy to just put things off, to believe tomorrow is a better day, but the truth is tomorrow might be too late.  There are situations, when we find ourselves trapped, not knowing where to turn or what to do. The frustration of losing control of our lives. You may feel like life is meaningless, and happiness is no longer an option. Life is meaningless unless you can love, be happy and bring your happiness to others. As we walk this path my wish for you is that your self confidence grows and you treasure each little experience that comes your way.  May your eyes be open to all that is good in this world and may we send love and light to those who anger or upset us .May you begin to understand your capacity of inner strength, Courage, Wisdom, Faith and Hope.
Reflect on the things you have accomplished, is there anything you could be doing that would make use of your blessings in a more fulfilling way?  Write them down and give them a time in which you will do them. It is important to put a time to this or it will keep slipping away into the future as something better left till another day.

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