How heavy is your hat?

Are you trying to be too many things for too many people at once 
or are you able to see out from under your hat?
It is often difficult to keep everything going smoothly all at the same time when everybody sees us with a different hat on. Trying to be the perfect mother/father, employee/employer, family member/friend and all the other labels we carry at the same time makes a hat very heavy.

So how do we clear our space so that our hats are not so heavy in future?
We learn to prioritize, delegate and we learn when to say "no" and when to say "yes".
We can not be "Yes We Can!" people all the time.. that way we are not allowing ourselves to make the most of the things we enjoy and are good at.

To lift your hat a little, start noticing the little things under your nose that catch your interest, when life is exciting, and as our moods brighten the hat will get lighter.
Now that you have taken care of those matters that are right in front of you you can slowly begin to raise your eyes and notice the next level of importance, all the time looking out wards, do not succumb to the poor me - how will I ever cope syndrome.

When your load is extra heavy you will begin to notice there are people around you who would love to help you - but they are waiting for you to give them the go ahead. To reach out and say - "Would you like to give me a hand here.." Never order some one to help you - you are robbing them of the feel good factor of being able to offer the help. You know how special you feel when some one turns to you for your imput, well pass that on to others and let them help lift your hat a little more..

When you help others they are more likely to want to help you in return, so reach out and offer that help, make time to find out about your friends and family. Is there some way you might help them that you will be helping yourself as well? A burden shared is a burden halved, maybe you could offer to do something in exchange for help with something else. We all have our own fortes and your forte might be the other person's night mare, so lighten their load and yours will begin to lift as well...

Here is to learning to lift our hats a little each day,
and by being able to see what is going on around us,
making the world a happier place for all..

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