The power of a single thought!

The priorities in our lives should always be centered around self healing, self balance and self power.

Create your own life path by making choices YOU want to explore.
Combine the power of your mental energy your physical strength and your spiritual beauty in order to create a better way of living!
By creating harmony within ourselves our lives become more balanced and we are better adjusted to dealing with what life hands us. By having a clear idea of who we are and what we want out of life we are able to prepare ourselves to make the most out of our opportunities.
Everything in life begins with a single thought. Each thought we think goes one step further to building our futures, we attract what we think about.
If we are seeking balance in our lives we need to guard our thoughts, they form our every action, our every word, our every habit.
We have about 60,000 thoughts each day. Do you realize the power those thoughts can have?
How much good could you generate in your life with 60,000 daily thoughts?
How much destruction could you unleash upon your life with 60,000 daily thoughts?
Positive thinking makes for a positive mindset, positive habits, and positive rewards.
Negative thinking makes for a negative mindset, negative habits, and negative losses.
The good news is that we CAN change the way we think. Not sure you can? Well have a go at this..
Clear your mind for a second. Now think of a beautiful butterfly. Imagine it fluttering around freely, see it's natural beauty and smile...
Can you see the butterfly?
Now think about something that really annoys you..
Ooops I think we lost the butterfly....
“It takes but one positive thought when given a chance to survive and thrive to overpower an entire army of negative thoughts.” -Robert H. Schuller
This exercise is proof positive that you can push one thought aside for another thought. I’d rather think about the butterfly but we become so used to seeing the negatives instead of the positives that it takes some practice to replace negative thoughts with positive ones.–but if we put a little concentrated effort into it we can turn the tables so it becomes easier to think of the positives.
Truth be told, it’d be better to think about the rose than it would be to think negative thoughts – so, when a negative, destructive, critical thought pops into your mind, replace it automatically with the butterfly (or anything beautiful you chose). Then, move on to a more positive thought pattern.

Remember, the more time you spend with a negative thought, the greater its power is to harm you. Take this power and make it work for you! Think positive thoughts and repeat positive affirmations.
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