Skeletons in the Closet

Skeletons in the closet!
We all have them..
Dust those skeletons out
And teach them to dance!

"Skeletons in the closet" are embarrassing things 

 which we would like to put away so other people cannot see them. 
We all have skeletons in the closet, they are those things we prefer to keep hidden. 
The skeletons in our closet are our deepest fears.
And they have a real influence over how we feel and behave.
The most devastating aspect of the skeletons is that we want to lock them in the closet. 

 We lock them away always worried about when and if they may slip out.

This means that we are choosing to be in denial about them. 
Being in denial means we do not want to look at the skeletons.
If we do not look at the skeletons we cannot get rid of them.
the best way to start to get rid of our skeletons is to 

open the closet door and shine a light on them.

We need to look at and accept our skeletons to be able to dust them out.
If we never look at them they will continue to negatively influence our thinking. 
We will always have a fear of what is behind the door and it will always hold us back.
Let those skeletons out and shine a light on them chasing away all the negative impact they have.
Take those skeletons out, dust them down and learn to deal with them.
Slowly first acknowledge what they are, where they come from and learn to let them go. 
As you deal with them you will notice they no longer have power over you

Some of the skeletons will take more work then others.
The struggle is within our Selves they are what make us doubt ourselves.

You may not want to show them off to everyone 
but you can prepare yourself incase they do show up.
Start shining that light today and soon you will be free of self doubt

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