When chances come a knocking

When chances come a knocking
As often they are bound to do
Why is it that so often we are
Too afraid or uncertain to let them in?

The universe offers many gifts
Through out our lives and at times
We are so consumed by inner turmoil
That we fail to see what is offered to us.

We become accustomed to getting
the short end of the stick so to speak.
If we step out of our norm we are hesitant
And insecure what will people think of us?

Do you realise that it is what you think
About most that you attract into your life?
If you are absorbed in thoughts of why me
We are blind to the opportunities that knock.

Many times we wish we could turn back the clock
Or wish for an opportunity to knock again
It has been said time and tide wait for no man
And it is only with a leap of faith that we achieve

So why not take that chance now?
If you don’t you will never know what
Might have happened if you did.

But be cautious do not act with too
Much haste – look after what you
Have and love before you
Throw caution to the wind.

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