Letting go when love has gone.

I will respect the fact that each and every one of us 
has our own mission to forfil.
I will realise that friends come and go 

and trying to hold onto what has past is not healthy.
I will be thankful for each acknowledgement of my existence – 

whether good or bad – it means that I am alive.

Instead of asking why things happen 

I will be greatful for the lessons learnt.
I will treasure each and every moment 

for moments are gone too soon 
and they never return.

I will never forget 

the first time we connected.
I am greatful for each moment 

you were with me.
You passed through my life 

and left your mark.
We may never meet again,

Or perhaps time will 

allow us to cross paths.
I want to say thank you 

for the difference you made
that will stay with me for eternity.
For those moments we were 

blessed to know each other.

The first time we connected 

I knew you would affect my life,
though your role I did not know 

and maybe never will really.

There was so much I wanted to know.
Perhaps I was never meant to know.
In my eagerness to know all the facts
I lost sight of the essence of love

I will hold those shared moments 

close to my heart
You changed my world 

and allowed me to see
Myself as some one worth 

knowing and deserving of life.

What attracted you to me?
What made you 

want to know me more?
I would love to know.

There is one thing 

I want you to know.
I have been blessed by 

having had you in my life.

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