Learning to let Go

Sometimes we need to let go
Of what we know and are used to
To be able to grow and be happy.

Let me share with you the story of a dew drop.
One fine morning as the sun rose a dew drop formed, swelling with pride, believing itself to be the most beautiful thing around, It was a very happy little dew drop, as the sun shone warmly down on it, it looked around at the other dew drops and felt it must be the best and the most special of them all.
The little dew drop was so happy to be alive, life was good and it was safe on the leaf, so there it sat basking in the sunlight. Slowly a wind started to pick up shaking the little thing and this was a very uncertain feeling, the leaf blowing in the wind was quite disturbing and the little dew drop did not feel safe.
The dew drop was being drawn to the edge of the leaf, terrified he tried to cling on to the leaf, what would happen if it fell? Why was this happening? Would it break if it fell? What was to become of the little dew drop? And it wished the wind would stop, that things would just be still and it could be safe where it was. The little Dew drop could hold on no more.
It started falling down, nothing to hold on to, this was scary for the little thing,
a feeling it was not used to with no support and things moving so quickly past it – where would it end up?
And then it dared to look down, below it seemed to see a reflection of itself, it appeared to be coming closer – was it a friend or a foe? The little dew drop didn’t know what to do it had to keep on falling it couldn’t turn back, and then the little dew drop met it’s reflection.
Fear subsided and was replaced with a feeling of freedom and welcoming as the little dew drop was accepted into the pond below. The little dew drop was little no more as it danced in the ripples now changed forever, happy to be accepted and no longer alone.

Let's Live

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