Are your relationships robbing you of happiness?

The relationships we have in our lives have a huge impact on whether we're happy or  sad, feel well-balanced or insecure, accepted or out on a limb, happy and content with ourselves or out of place.

In life we're drawn to people, places and things that we feel are right for us, they may have been when we first came across them, some continue to fill us with joy and happiness but sadly some things can change and we need to let go of them in order to allow ourselves to grow.

Sometimes we become addicted to the memories of past happiness and fear that in letting go of something, that is now causing us harm, we may never be able to make those happy memories again.  Yes you're right, letting go does mean that you won't be able to make those memories again with those people, but times have changed and you can never remake memories, you can only make new ones.

And then there are times when we cling to a dream that can no longer be, maybe it's a dream that you had many years ago, a longing to do something really special that will affect the rest of your life and yet it never came to be.  There comes a time, when you need to cut the cord, when you realise that what you're hoping for can never be, these are the times when we need to dream new dreams, and choose a different path and maybe go a different way.
Procrastination is the thief of all time, if someone means something to you, let them know today, do not wait until tomorrow. Do not hang your happiness on a hanger in hopes that one day you will take it down and wear it, you may have out grown it. Do not wait for another person to initiate your happiness, you owe it to yourself to create your own happiness.

If you find that the relationships you have today are not good you, yet you are holding on to them from a sense of responsibility, stop and ask yourself how the other person is feeling.  Would you both be happier going your own ways, opening doors to new experiences, instead of blaming each other for the situation you're in today, clouding your lives with resentment and bitterness over what you have both given up to be together.  If the door to forgiveness and love has been locked there is no point in throwing yourself away in hopes that one day you might find the key.  People change, places change, and there are times when we too need to change.

It is daunting to start out on your own, to make new friends, to change your job, to start from scratch.  You need to ask yourself if the cost of staying in relationships that have turned sour is worth the price or whether it is worth the risk stepping out into the unknown, in hopes that you can be happier.

Never let go of one you love if there is still hope, but if all hope has gone, do not throw yourself away on those that do not appreciate you.  Your happiness is in your own hands, only you can decide what is best for you, friends can give you advice but the choice has to come from your heart.

Value yourself enough to know when to keep holding on and when to let go, never allow yourself to be treated like a doormat, and never force yourself on others who have made it clear that they have moved on. Allow yourself the freedom to be happy, by letting go of toxic relationships you are opening the door to new possibilities. Holding on to relationships that have gone wrong, is like stabbing yourself in the heart and hoping the other person will feel your pain. 
Let go and be happy.

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