Only by learning to touch the ground of our own emptiness can we learn to feel whole again

Feelings of emptiness can be over whelming,
A dark place inside our hearts that dominates
Our every thought, we are tempted to shy away 

from it - to want it to go away - wondering if there 
is something wrong with us that we can not feel whole!

It is not until you accept the emptiness inside of you 
that you can begin to fill it.
Accept it for what it is a hole that needs to be cared for,
it could be filled with regret, grief, fear and dread 
or simply a feeling of nothingless.

Do not worry you are not alone.
Many people have that empty feeling inside of them 
and it is not until we accept that it exists and learn 
to tune into the feelings that it conjures up that we
are able to to begin to ease the pain.

Out of the still, silent center of our own awareness
will spring the hopes and joys of tomorrow.
Only when we realize what it is that we really seek 
will we be able to able to light a flame within our hearts.

Let's Live

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