Hit it with your best shot!

Put  your very best into
Everything you do in life
You will have few regrets.

Enthusiasm is the spark
Of life that sets a person free.
To truly experience life we need
To reach out and live life.

We can choose to take part
in all that life offers
Or we can give up and
become an on looker.

Live life with feeling,
If you deny your feelings
you are denying the truth.

To achieve anything in life we need
To be able to handle the setbacks and
Face our future with an open and eager heart.

Do not be disheartened by
the lessons of yesterday
But learn from them –
with each failure comes the
Possibility of another chance.

Enthusiasm gives you the energy
to achieve harmony and success.
 Without enthusiasm an idea has no life.
With it the possibilities are endless.

Let's Live

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