Ever thought about why we get scared?

Ever thought about why we get scared?
Our fears are our subconscious
trying to send us messages.
Life would flow more peacefully
if we tuned into the messages from within
If we tune into our feelings and
try to discover why we have them
We would feel more confident
with the decisions we make.
Instead of letting fear and indecision
rule our lives
We should take control –
reality is only what we allow it to be.
It is true we can not undo
the things that have happened
But we can chose what
to do about the consequences.
The future is in our hands.
Yes the world is in turmoil
but if we each do our own little bit
Instead of wallowing in what appears to be
we would get out of this a lot quicker.
It is said we attract what we think about
and so we should concentrate
On the things that make us happy..

Lets Live

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